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Employee Verification
Open to the public:

Did you have one of our uLINE employees in your area? You can confirm they are actually a uLINE contractor of Quantum Bell and the Managing Board of contributing operations by using the following indicated resource. For reasons of public safety, any information that indicates a weapon, energy hazard, or violation of the law the result of construction or other work and activity that was located by our teams in your area has already been reported to a proper authority. This information is available by request if damages occur the result of those deployments mapped or idenitfied. During a time of war in the united states, a citizen might have a duty to report the deployment of weapons or militant activity targeting their community, county, state, or soldiers residing in the area, or risk complications of involvement if people are being hospitailized or killed the result. As a responsible community member, Quantum Bell Inc. Does not approve of weapons use against a person or community, and does use non weaponized EM; We care because we understand the difference.

Are you dealing with a Quantum Bell Inc. or MarleyLABS Employee? This photos are used to verify the uniform of the employee you meet in your community surveying for deployments!

MarleyLABS Staff (ACHIEVE)

Project Support (GOAL)

This is the attire our franchise an OEM employees wear using the Spiderhunter Brand. To verify an employee call (386) 215-1083.

Our employee is in your community to produce a map. Their job is limited to producing the map and the "surveyor" might be knowledgeble, but will "keep it about the wiring and/or uLINE measurements" theyare paid to produce. Our field survey employees and franchises are not professional criminal detectives. Our role will confirm a deployment as in place, or not, provide the address where it was deployed from and against, and for the citizen or real etsate agent to take action with law enforcment or other recourse. When our survey is complete, you will be provided with the information you purchased, including a map, crop duster video evidence, and other information you indicated to the sales staff and a portion is transfered for research staff to evaluate laregr problems. Legal questions should be addressed the corporation, not the field survey crew or indivuals.

Quantum Bell Inc. is not law enforcement. It is not the responsibility of our company to challenge an unusual use situation in your community or town. As a respsonsible community member in the communties, towns, county, or states where we operate, we do occasionaally inform authority where the identfied data is questionable or has resulted with harm to the area.

Copyright Quantum Bell Inc. 2018 in the State of Florida. Corporate espionage is against the law.