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Quantum Bell Inc.
Open to the public:

uLINE and EMF Field Mapping Services

Prices range from $99USD for spot check confirmations to $999USD and more for larger sites, equipment, and requirements! Electronic Harassment, Spooky at Distance, Infrastructure Weapons, Distributed Harassment and tracking systems? Click here!

uLine Services EMF Field Mapping Distributed Systems Telecommunications On Demand Science

EMF Field Mapping Services

Out technician will map the field emitted from a building, a car, a piece of machinery, a computer, television, or other location at the request of the customer! These services range from $45 for something as simple as a few pieces of electronics, to some agreed price for distributed systems in your home or building, on your property, and in your community!

uLINE and RULE Services

A uLINE map of the RULE in you area is required for arguing Arc Law! Our techician will go to your home or business, or other location, and produce a uLINE data set for you, and indicating energetic or amplitude problems found on that uLINE evaluation for use by our clients! The RULE was discovered during more than 6 years of Theory of Relativity research, and recently, as part of applied research at Quantunnel and Quantum Bell Inc. We map the ambient energy bouncing around in the space of your home, and indicate what is energetic, what is dangerous, and what influences the person as part of a uLINE evalution. A uLINe evaluation starts at $99 for a spot check.

Electronic Harassment, Electromagnetic Terrorism, and Special Problems of those Persons.

An applied interest as a discovery service of the company for ToTLR research is tracking distributed electromagnetic systems, uses, deployments, and interconnectivity for our work with OIO. This includes encounters with crime organizations or crime using energy weapons, paranormal ability and talent, paranormal activity, human research, extra terrestrials, mind control, and intelligence or militant activity. Prices start as low of $99, average about $299 and depending on the soil depth, land base, or aerial scientific requirement, and prices of $999 and more Dependant on the resolution of data requirements. If you are filing a lawsuit and what is discovered is criminal or militant related, we can provide the data sets as per court requirements for you as pre paid to your attorney or lawyer, and the jury eventually selected; deferred payment in some cases possible. If the QBI technician determines your case is more than organized crime, we will help you resolve the criminal problem, and provide services for free or at cost with a monitoring agreement like you would pay for from a security systems contractor, starting at $49/month for on-call services to you home or business.

Do you have un-explainable problems in your area? Do you suspect psychological weapons or other energetic weapon uses? Unusual allegations, media harassment, or in audible uses? Problems after visiting a medical doctor or military base? Harassment or conditions you can not explain in your head? Do you think your being shot at by energy weapons, satellites, rentals, or other energetic weapons uses? Are you loosing sleep at night for reasons you can't explain and think it is an energy weapon keeping you awake, but find it easy to sleep other places? Are you seeing orbs? Do you need a network topography or evidences for a legal concern? Our technician can locate in your area problems engineered onto a power grid, a media network, a distributed data or cellular network, delivered by flights over your home, we can find tunnels under your property, or wiring and energy weapons deployed on your property and under your home by a neighbor, private detective, or corporate espionage activity from up to a mile away! Services range from $299 for a private citizen, a spot check verification, a lawyer, attorney, or police officer, and vary depending on the number of days required for the service! Our technician does not care about the label accused by an assailant, we can help you bait the chase, and concern only about technology of the problem presented by our clients in one community or another where electronic gang stalking, harassment or symptoms sets of the victims like "ghosts," or "alien activity," and "gang stalkers" is suspected. Why do we side with our clients?

Questionable elections

Do have a elections process that is questionable in your town? Do you believe it was rigged, fixed, or influenced, but have no criminal sect in your town to investigate? Our technician can identity where electromagnetic were used to influence the elections, if they are present, and leave your town with the the data they need to pursue the case further.

Questions about a contractor?

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