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uLine Services EMF Field Mapping Distributed Systems Telecommunications On Demand Science

Summary of Service

uLINE Measurement. This service is provided for and as part of ToTLR sciences and experimentation proving or disproving concepts for and other supporting sciences for astronomical and planetary research, and can be retained as a customer service offering. These sciences are on the board of Quantum Bell Inc. as Operating Units, and are staffed according as a supporting scientific endeavour. These principles and proofs help build a solid foundation for understanding problems as part of a research portfolio specific to the company and those requirements of our customers, and where identifies as a participating volunteer GoA Laboratory (GOAL). This company is built from original research as part of a proprietary index of discovery and innovation.

What can the client expect?

The technician will provide the customer a uLINE measurement where it is required, and within reach of our technical portfolio. This information is also collected by Quantum Bell nd shared with projects and other supporters of this group.

What Experience does our technician have?

The Point RULE was discovered by Marleylabs as part of Quantunnel uLINE Research. The RULE, PMTM, 0P0, and other innovation are discussed or defined in most situations where I have used it. uLINE data is part of workload most technicians will be asked to produce and it is presented here for person seeking evaluation by our personnel. This research supports the pursuit and innovation of original technology and identification of process for activity of this company and others. uLINE research supports GOAL research agendas.

What does this service cost?

A hourly rate and a definite scope of assignment is agreed by each client; and is amended as needed and/or agreed per project requirements. The client retains QBI technicians to complete task A, B, C within some defined X amount of time. The work is then verified and the project is completed. A standard 90 day (3 month) guarantee of work is included. Extended Service agreements are also offered and full filled as the client requests.


uLINE work by quantum is a service collecting data sets regarding information density and dangerous characteristics of measured areas. Our work as part of uLINE research has a breadth encompassing the local environment, man altered natural environments, and the interior spaces of homes, businesses, or craft. We also evaluate methods to apply the uLINE and the RU:LE to self and popular or unpopular government, we use it for reference of natural when validating activity over long periods of time, and to argue as a piece of our work for one purpose or another on projects like GAIA and GAEA, seeking sustainable long term environments. uLINE research is important for many reasons, including the evaluation of radiation in an area relative to other energies, electromagnetism, and for determining precisely where harm or help is incurred. The applications are numerous for discovery by MarleyLABS of uLINE and RULE. If you would like to contribute to the sciences, please contact the laboratory!

Questions about a contractor?

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