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uLine Services EMF Field Mapping Distributed Systems Telecommunications On Demand Science

About Quantum Bell Telecommunications
  • We use existing human hardware and cellular networks for tracking, interface, and other needs.
  • We do not have customers who are not authorized.
  • We do not sell service.
  • We are an experimental platform and a reception operation.

Summary of Service

Telecommunications systems specific to innovation by a fellow and offered by Quantum Bell Inc as a support index and field locations only. Standard Building telecommunications or Bell Communications Systems of a state or territory, where affected can be investigated by our technician. Services like ATT, Bellsouth, Sprint, and IP specific providers of home, business, group, or industrial connectivity, are supported only where they support QBI and our technicians, and those companies are expected to maintain their infrastructure as part of a business model if they expect to earn aprofit, as well as others. QBI Telecommunications is designated only for participating operatives, and is not a public service or customer offering. There is not expectation of a public offering for communications types. is offering customer service for the recent acquisitions via email for free by contacting If you would like one call or on call services by telephone, they start at $9.99 per month, and are available during normal business hours.

The technicians will be trained as needed.

What Experience does our technician have?

MarleyLABS discovered and developed this technology and process from the ground up. This has been a part of my life since I was a child and is today as a fellow. Portions of this process are several thousand years old, and those elder processes are not owned, but understood for implantation and support, by company personnel, and developed or tested relative to results.

What does this service cost?

A hourly rate and a definite scope of assignment is agreed by each client; and is amended as needed and/or agreed per project requirements. The client retains QBI technicians to complete task A, B, C within some defined X amount of time. The work is then verified and the project is completed. A standard 90 day (3 month) guarantee of work is included. Extended Service agreements are also offered and full filled as the client requests.

Questions about a contractor?

Copyright Quantum Bell Inc. 2018 in the State of Florida. Corporate espionage is against the law.