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On Demand Science
Open to the public:

uLine Services EMF Field Mapping Distributed Systems Telecommunications On Demand Science

Summary of Service

On demand science is innovation for specific data sets as part of routine business, and on required by the customer.

Of special Interest
  • Paranormal Activity
  • Unexplainable activity
  • Extra terrestrials sightings and contacts
  • Paranormal Ability
  • Contact phenomena or events
  • Unusual Communications Systems
  • Field Research
  • Technology of Man
  • Time related research and phenomena
What can the client expect?

On demand sciences are services and evaluation requested by the customer. The customer should send their requirements and ask for pricing. The customer will be provided the analysis requested. This service is also offered by ODS

What Experience does our technician have?

The customer wants some unique analysis or information. I provide it and offer a demonstrated portfolio capability for unique and diverse research, topical analysis and discovery, immersive analysis, and from a nest of ability, for myself and others on our team. Paranormal investigations or other "spooky at distance" problems of EMF and radioactive exposure and fields is included as part of ODS where a customer retains the skillset, and as a personal interest for this scientist, having a extensive index of experience. on Demand science offered by Quantum Bell Inc, is full-filled by both QBI and

What does this service cost?

A hourly rate and a definite scope of assignment is agreed by each client; and is amended as needed and/or agreed per project requirements. The client retains QBI technicians to complete task A, B, C within some defined X amount of time. The work is then verified and the project is completed. A standard 90 day (3 month) guarantee of work is included. Extended Service agreements are also offered and full filled as the client requests.

Questions about a contractor?

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