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Electro Magnetic Fields
Open to the public:

uLine Services EMF Field Mapping Distributed Systems Telecommunications On Demand Science

Summary of Service

Mapping of EMF fields for deployments, circuitry, grid or land based systems and technology. Spiderhunter is a service offered with this product group.

What can the client expect?

This service will produce uLINE specific maps and diagrams for the customers, wiring schematics or diagrams of building wiring and other trace route services. The technician will provide spot services like a single electronics, or site services including a building or property. These services include production or verification of engineered drawings and trace route services to verify engineered installations and abatement processes. EMF, MF, and other data is collected as part of a uLINE observation among customers, sites, and project requirements.

Quantum Bell Incorporated is a registered vendor of Volusia county for elections security. We provide perimeter and spot check services, and include onsite second search verification for poll workers, as is, that are routinely retained by community and county elections associations as part of local, state, and federal selection processes.

What Experience does our technician have?

This process was invented by Marleylabs , and was discovered while solving problems as part of GOAL assignment. This discovery traces a long history including discovery and demonstration of knowledge right or wrong, and preceding laboratory or research, showing competence has emerged over several decades of research into a product now offered by our technicians. My first experience was as a child, when I learned to map magnetic fields and code for AppleIIe. This data might be collected by our technicians even where customers did not pay for it and supporting a geographic presentation. The group will earn money mapping EMF deployments like those identified by Field experience includes almost 6 years of infrastructure trace route, upgrade, new installations for service offerings of companies like COX, Bright House, Comcast, and other telecommunications or multimedia vendors and infrastructure services sole or bundling.

What does this service cost?

A hourly rate and a definite scope of assignment is agreed by each client; and is amended as needed and/or agreed per project requirements. The client retains QBI technicians to complete task A, B, C within some defined X amount of time. The work is then verified and the project is completed. A standard 90 day (3 month) guarantee of work is included. Extended Service agreements are also offered and full filled as the client requests.

Questions about a contractor?

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