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Distributed Systems
Open to the public:

uLINE and EMF Field Mapping Services

uLine Services EMF Field Mapping Distributed Systems Telecommunications On Demand Science

Start as low as $299.99 for a spot check and $9.99/month for regular searches! QBI's first services are the defense of your community and home. Our experienced technicians can help you locate and resolve problems! Quantum Bell has early interest in the side affects of energetic systems uses, typically the result of exposure, use, or other problems of unusual communications, spooky at distance, and paranormal activity. Our forensics approach listens to your complaints, identifies your symptoms, and like a doctor, tracks it back to the source! These early efforts support the development and scientific research base of our company! We do not expect you to be an expert; that is why you call our team! (Victims and clients can apply for deferred service costs.)

Our domains are preferred as close to text as possible. These are not pretty flashy sites of pictures and jargon programming schemes unrecoverable in space and time, and precisely for reasons of accessibility and because the science being developed is not yet "pretty," while seeking cooperation. Contribute to correctness; we have been operational as researchers since 2004, and for recently named activity of spider hunter, since 1990's. Our first Internet presentations were made in 2012, were perhaps a small percentage was correct and amateur at best. With careful persistent study you will find those topics contributed to the discoveries of this day and science as ambassador.

Summary of Service

Distributed Systems is a unit of Quantum Bell, we locate, understand, map, and track various types of distributed systems in a building, across buildings on a property, or among multiple properties and buildings or communities.

What can the client expect from distributed Mapping Services?

Retaining our abstraction service we will map the infrastructure of your building, confirm a contractor installation, or work according to the sales and service request. Before the abstraction is applied, this service is typical.
  • Abstraction layering by Quantum Bell Inc, is provided on existing human architecture. Quantum Bell does not own or maintain the infrastructure we operate on; we apply an abstraction layer for linkage. Quantum bell does own our proprietary methods.
  • You can expect an exceptional service.
  • We offer secure linkages between towns and cities, using existing hardware and hard wire cable communications systems.
  • More, depending on the needs of our clients and the capability of our teams.
Whether you pay our service or not, chances are quantum bell has achieved access in our area, if you are in Volusia and other Florida towns like Miami, Tampa, Tallahassee, or cities o the east coast, your area will soon be under control and serviced accordingly.

What can the client expect from distributed services?

Retaining our service has our technicians begin a discovery process for information the client is seeking. Here are few of the topics we explore for engineered weapons, harassment, and/or distributed code and constructions violations. Our technicians are currently mapping:
  • Distributed Electromagnetic programs deployed by trencher machines, micro tunnel boring, and short or long range directional drills. (Data Available)
  • Di-pole field loops in the soil. (Rod, barrel, or wedge) (Data Available)
  • Soil based deployments of Long wire antennas and ham radio/ short wave transponders (Data Available)
  • Spook lines, radio lines, or mole line transmitters and with field surveys. (Data Available)
  • Soil base deployments and Interference including vertical or horizontal sync interface and speaker coil transponders. (Data Available)
  • Phreaking and Freq out initiatives in the Territorial State of Florida. (Data Available)
  • Distributed power line systems for data and interference. x10 on the Grid. (Data Available)
  • Distributed medical networks and tracking systems for chips (canada chip), implants, jaw line transmitters, and pelvic transmitters. (Data Available)
  • Top soil composition of weapons delivered including toxicity, nerve and blister agents, heavy metals and other ingredients as part of conflict. (Data Available)
  • Distributed CMOS Contact. (Data Available)
  • Distributed media system harassment aka utility knives (weaponized consumer services like cable television), weaponized infrastructures deployments; consumer deviation targeting, conflict, and cyber warfare. (Data Available, Media Forensics)
  • Distributed cell phone and vehicular tracking. (Data Available)
  • uLINE data and other requirements of our research organization. (Data Available)
  • Submarine networks and classified communications hardware. (Data Available)
  • Botnet on Spider Web AI artificial intelligence, male or female (codename "V") (Data Available)
  • Remote interrogation, programming (induction harm + suggestion), and renditions (aka video games, PTSD, flashbacks) (Data Available)
  • (Quantunnel) Spooky at distance, Matrix, Worms, and Interstellar AI Fabrications (Data Available)
  • Media Systems interrogation and inaudible suggestion (some people call it torture, runs 24/7) (Data Available)
  • Soil deployed Sonde Units, PTZ Servo Maser casing, and other trencher, directional drill, and micro-tunnel boring machine deliverables inserted under premise (It is not satellites shooting you) (Data Available)
  • Surface Radio and Microwave UHF Weapons (Data Available)
  • Area of affect weapons, high amplitude through the ground electric and radio and "alien" feedback loops including directed longitudinal systems. (Some of these systems can travel 10 miles with tooled influence) (Data Available)
  • RF Entanglement (Data Available)
  • Quantum Bell grid systems abstractions. (Data Available)
  • More, depending on the needs of our clients and the capability of our teams.
Why choose our service over code enforcement or free spot checking services?
  • We map the whole community, home, and building or site.
  • Code enforcement often only walks a circle around the box or service peda-stools and lacks access to innovative procedure or technology sets; and is not responsive to the customer with special needs.
  • Code enforcement and spot checking services do not locate weapons uses or extended engineered systems.
  • Public "call before you locate" services find different types of wiring than our services.
  • Either of the comparative services do not have our skillset for technology attached to those lines relative to symptoms declared by clients retaining our service.
  • Our clients might have a specific need for service provided by our company. (A targeted person; electronic harassment, indicated when becoming a client.)
  • We offer services for lawyers, attorneys, and public administration.
What Experience does our technician have?

This technican has experiencing meeting the demand of an innovation curve to track and locate a disperse network of interconnected sites and technology used by domestic and foreign persons. These systems are often not recorded by local code and registration organizations, and might have feature sets they don't want the target or customer area to be aware of. Our technician maps, identifies hardware location, then determines how the networks are interconnected, and proceeds as retained by the company or the customer, and instructed. Out technicians is mapping these systems mentioned above among counties in the State of Florida.

What does this service cost?

A hourly rate and a definite scope of assignment is agreed by each client; and is amended as needed and/or agreed per project requirements. The client retains QBI technicians to complete task A, B, C within some defined X amount of time. The work is then verified and the project is completed. A standard 90 day (3 month) guarantee of work is included. Extended Service agreements are also offered and full filled as the client requests.

Quick Buy: Spot check and distributed systems onsite location
Though this discovery process is not "quantum," this service offering of Quantum Bell is part of the forensic approach to telecommunications support and analysis for distributed systems, and further discovery for service offerings of QBI uLINE field workers, causing symptoms of "spooky at distance." The term describes a common issue of prolonged exposure to energetic fields or poisons experienced by high energy physicists and popular researchers like Einstein or Tesla who also described it; like seeing ghosts, orbs, unexplainable phenomena, etc. The problem is also attributed atomic or high energy fallout indicating paranormal activity in those areas cameras can not film. What QBI locates as pattern shapes in the ground, producing community affecting high energy or electromagnetic fields, can be unplugged.

Extended Service

The services of Quantum Bell Inc. adhere a Natural RULE (uLINE Observation) distinguished over long periods of time, and better the health of our clients, their people and communities, by identifying and challenging energetic considerations of the uLINE that can cause illness from exposure with a comparison to a discovered scientific natural of planetary or other environmental areas.

Questions about a contractor?

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