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Demo Service
Open to the public:

uLine Services EMF Field Mapping Distributed Systems Telecommunications On Demand Science

Demo Service and Projects is a special category for this website. The demonstrations here will be available for public evaluation, and purchase if the customer is interested in the product, service, or extended documentation sets. This page will be used to wet the palate, specifically for opensource or distributed, and crowd sourcing answers for projects and problem models identified.

  • Hand Tool Demonstrations (Use, Mapping, and Anti-Weapons)
    • Hand Tool, Rabbit Ear Type
    • Hand Tool, Microwave Detection
    • Hand Tool, AM and Radio Proximity Mapping
    • Process Tool, Magnetic Field Mapping
  • Energy Systems Demonstrations
  • ToTLR Research and the ToTLR Universe Proofs and Demonstrations
  • Flight Systems Concepts
    • "Anti Gravity" Flight Research (Load Bearing)
    • Navigation and Life Support Systems
  • High Power Locomotion
  • Solar, Planetary, and Local Star Group Processes
Special Interest Developments (Proprietary)
  • Technology of Man
  • Second Heart Research
  • Survive the Flesh with reproducible Process (Priority)
    • Small amphibians and Insects is achievement level to date.
  • Prototype and Protoprocess development
  • Time Relative Research
  • Ghosts and Paranormal Activity (People and Machine)
Two types of innovation are included on this page as demonstrations by the scientists. These demonstrations are needed to prove concepts of the American ToTLR model and Quantunnel Research. Quantunnel, or Quantum Tunneling is what I believe I witnessed in the evening sky, and after research, has been more precisely described as a Bridge event, and absent any indicator a mass can fly faster than the speed of light (no expected proofs needed.) Quantum Bell incorporated and Quantunnel, or currently researching the events in the sky, and to determine what can be expected at various stages of the bridge assembly event. If you would like to get involved, contact the laboratory.

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