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Quantum Bell Inc.
Open to the public:

Quantum Bell is established in Florida 2018 as a Corporation; and is established to engage any and all lawful business. The board of Directors for Quantum Bell, has 5 members.,,,, and Michael Joseph Marley. Those participating persons are assigned by operating unit. Each operating unit contributes to the scientific data set enabling the technology of Quantum Bell. Quantum bell does not use the United States are other patent systems, unless where required by law, the state of country where operating must know how the hardware used, functions. That protection for scientific pursuit is established with consistency in the public domain, and dated material as part of a scientific data set and proprietary information held by the company, and among other observation.


If you are visiting this site as part of employment offered at or and would like to learn more about our company before exploring the opportunity offered, please continue with your evaluation. Afterward, Please visit the as a participating contractor for Quantum Bell Inc. Investigations and counter corporate espionage activity. To verify the employment offer is legitimate, please contact (386) 214-1083. To verify Quantum Bell Inc. is in deed a corporation please visit to validate corporate registration with the Department of State. To learn more about the position visit the Quantum Bell Inc. Department of Human Services career opportunity.

Income Models

The current income model at Quantum Bells Inc. is with the sales of products and services known to benefit the communities where we work. is an example of a product line developed by the MarleyLABS as a GOAL, and providing a service. Most proceeds and investment benefit the research done at the laboratory, and the defense of the American people.

Quantum Bell Inc. 2018 in the State of Florida. Corporate espionage is against the law.